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LFG for endgame and some RP/ Early Bird


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Been around since beta an originally from Rubat crystal


I have Sith Juggy main for PvE and a knight I am working on, so either faction is cool


My best hours are early though so that is a big thing for me, I get off work at 7 am so between like 8 am and 4 pm the kids are at school and the old lady is at work so I have the freedom to raid and stuff


I can raid a night, but the mic at night is the issue lol, the girlfriend can only take so much


I am a no drama type and my Juggy is in all 69 gear ATM and have done the 55 hm alot lol


I came to an RP sever for the RP which is something I have done very little of it so a guild with RP would be great

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That is a tough one. Too bad you can't just transfer to a European server which would be more on your schedule.


You could try the Ideal Guild Quiz. Or feel free to check out the 13th Legion (link in my Sig). There are usually a couple of people on during the day and we do have some Imperial Ops and such. However, most of our events are in the evenings East Coast time.


Best of Luck!

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