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Subscriber Appreciation, What is it, what could/should it be?


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Nope! We are still here in the office, although I am pretty eager to get to some grillin'!


Just as a reminder, we said the subscriber appreciation would be *around* the 4th of July, not necessarily on it :rak_03:




What is subscriber appreciation? a pat on the shoulder? the pretty mount at the Nar Shaddaa Casino? Pazzak Deck relic proc of cards being thrown at the enemy? 20 "complementary cartel coins"? A bundle of fireworks? Zabrak 4th of July hotdog? What?


You know what I want to see for Subscription Appreciation? Genuine bug fixes. How about you guys? :(






Huttball- Players are able to go in the out of bounds section of the arena map above it without diein instantly



Selected Companions who are gathering or crafted will instantly abandon their task and summon to you when you dismount or fall off your mount.


Not confirmed, But I believe HK's stat scaling is off. He requires over 700 accuracy to just be near 99% While most players at lvl 55 need around 300-400.


AZSHARA'S Torgua Race face bug fixed and her to have a REAL BODY SKIN.


Companions reject dye's and unify and hide helm slots in convorstations on the ship, and most class mission convorstations.




Many achivements are not working or being granted properly, including HM/SM Revan in the Foundry etc. (really don't know many bugs relating to PvE)


Collections Interface

The preview button which loads up the picture of x item and the preview does not appear anymore.


Cartel Market

-Revan's Primary is still bugged since patch 1.6.1 It was Black not light grey, its proven not to be a lighting issue as deve's because you could see it black in clear light in the Telos in the Jedi Prisoner Questline.

-Precepters Robes still has that butt clipping issue, its butt robe flap is clipping with the voss robe flap, Voss robe butt part needs to be removed to prevent said clipping.

-Investigator's Robe has a Double Hood, hood down shouldn't exist.

-Pathfinder's Chest has a Double Hood, Hood down shouldn't exist.

-Bastila Shan's Shoulderpads clip inside the body on all sexes/body types.

-Calo Nord's helmet has parts of your head stick out of the back of the hat.

-Calo Nord's Jacket has horrible clipping issues with the pockets on the jacket.

-Relaxed Vestments have a graphical bug under the right breast. Hard to describe. heres a pic it shows on all females on every race/body type so far.

-Thana Vesh's Robe flap has a buggy butt flap positioning on male body types.




Generic NPC bugs

These npcs have the double hood plague.

1. Revan in the foundry(Only after he has his Mask, all other scenes of Revan he does not have the Double Hood Bug( which is how I think the obtainable chestpiece adopted it)



2. Darth Marr(in all Makeb scenes for all 4 class's)



3. Temple Guardian's (warrior champion mob) in Athiss



4. Nolin Reevas. Inquisitor Class Trainer of Taris.


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You know what I think, stop blaming others and enjoy the game, at this stage TOR is quality (and there will be always room for improvements)...


Hard to call Bull when you have an imp team cheat with the ball in the unreachable zone of huttball on the area above where the Damge/Defense boosters are located, Companions disobeying our unify, dyes in ship related cutscenes and rejecting our crafting missions when we are dismounted or we log in.

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Yes, I'm certain that what the majority wants is that Bioware fixes the double hood on a random NPC on Taris.


Magnus, this will come off as a personal attack but I really don't mean it like that.


Your posts are getting less and less about bug fixes and more about personal obsessions.

Even when they listen to you and change something, it's still not exactly as you wanted it to be so, they "lied to you" (and I know that story, you don't have to tell it again).


Meanwhile, the first page gets clogged up with posts about butt-flaps and armor sets that are gray but not as gray as you'd like them to be and important stuff get pushed aside in favor of minor aesthetic issues that should be the least of our (and their) worries.


You can, of course, do whatever you want. But I think it would be more productive if we focused on reporting and demanding fixes for the things that actually matter, unlike an NPC on Taris with a double hood or a Revan set that will (most likely) never satisfy you.

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What is subscriber appreciation?


CM items :rolleyes:


Not confirmed, But I believe HK's stat scaling is off. He requires over 700 accuracy to just be near 99% While most players at lvl 55 need around 300-400.


Players have an accuracy talent.

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