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Above the Fray


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Can anyone please explain how I am supposed to complete this mission? I can't find a way to the village in the cliffs above Outpost Varath. Do I have to enter the Imperial outpost? Even then, I couldn't find a way up top. What am I doing wrong?


OK, don't worry. I've got it. For some reason, my macrobinoculars were displayed as unavailable, so I thought I needed to get closer, but I've finished the mission now.

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For Republic players unsure of how to find a place to scan the moisture vaporator in Outpost Varath, it can be done by marching up to the northern entrance of the outpost and looking straight in, staying out of aggro range of the heavy duty guards. There is a clear line of sight up to the cliff-side building where the vaporator is located. It will be on the right side of your field of vision as you look into the outpost. There is no need to enter the outpost or fight the guards.
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I need to chime in on this, because none of these posts are really cutting it for me.


First, what you are looking for are antennae that are placed on top a very specific architectural object/doodad--a slanted pillar/support that might be used to hold up a wall--almost a triangular prism. These support thingies are on the main walls, which are tan, around the city (not on buildings). The antenna are animated with a glow similar to radiating parentheses (((1))). The ones that are live are red in color. They also jut out at the wall toward you, I would say at about a 70 degree angle (in other words, not STRAIGHT UP). If you are NOT on the quest, or if the antenna is deactive, it may show more of a yellow in color. If you try to scan a deactive one, you won't get any of the fragments.


The binocs help you with the general area, and you will see a large triangle in the sky radiating downward in a conical pattern. The binocs are not necessary to the quest, but can help you pinpoint the few antenna that are active (I counted 4 and I've only done this quest twice). Once you learn the location, this quest will take about 10 minutes!


You need your Scanner Droid to hit almost exactly on top of the slanted part of the pillar... I do it right under the glowing antennae. One pillar is on the 2nd story of the wall with a door under it on the first story. For that pillar, I scanned the pillar and the ground several times without luck. Then, I tried the actual door proper--bonus! That worked.


After you get 3 fragments you fight a level 29 droid and interrupts will help on that fight.


The first time I didn't have luck, I came here but I found the posts less than helpful. I will try to post a screen shot if possible, but if you are lazy like me, just look for the antennae and position that droid scanner right on the pillar and you'll get a fragment each time. Also, I'm lazy and I don't want to do the dailies where you have to scan everything and its uncle (scan for eggs, scan the Jawa ships, scan the meteorites and the water towers) and drive all over the map like a nincompoop so I just do this and call it a day. One day I'll probably have my GSI rep, but this quest is the reason why.

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