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Ok So I decided to make this thread after being robbed of several good drops in a Flash Point.


Often times players with group together with friends. this makes kicking them when they "Need" for a cross class piece of equipment or any other group taboos impossible since their friends would never kick them.


So I suggest that there be a player on player ranking system, much in the way sites like eBAY and Amazon have. This way players whom cause issues can be black listed or merely avoided by those wishing to runs for the drops or who ever wishes not to be jipped out of a valuable piece of equipment. Especially when you get into Ops and higher Flashpoints not getting some items can in the long term cost you greatly.


Further more, the ranking system would allow for people to know what to look at for when dealing with new people they have yet to play with, for example "This healer doesn't always keep an eye on their own health" or "this DPS fails to see AOE attacks". This can also become a source of self correction allowing you to make changes from what others see in you.

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