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The Underworld Alliance (Progression Raid Team)


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The Underworld Alliance is now recruiting for our 4th progression raid team. We currently have 3 raid teams running twice a week each. All 3 teams have cleared TFB, S&V, and GF SM. We have one team that has cleared TFB, S&V, and GF HM, and two other teams that have just started on the Hard Mode operations and have started clearing TFB HM bosses. We currently have 4 experienced raiders who are looking to start up our 4th progression raid team so we are looking for 4 new members to fill out the team. We are looking for people who are experienced raiders and who are looking to do progression raiding. You will need to commit to raiding two times a week and will be expected to work on gearing your toon as well as improving your skills throughout the week. The ultimate goal is to clear all of the HM and Nightmare content in the game. Each Team is provided their own guild bank vault as well as free repairs in all operations they do. We are looking for people who are committed to getting better and to clearing content. if you would like to check out our website the address is theundergroundalliance.enjin.com! If you wish to apply there is an application on the website.
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