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Altoholic seeking guilds


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Not sure if this is going to work, but I'd rather do this than find a random guild in general chat.


I am mainly looking for guilds that contain lots of people leveling up together (by either PVE or PVP) while learning mechanics, though my main is very close to 50 so I would like him to be in a softcore endgame guild. RP is not a requirement but would be welcome, especially on the ones with preferred guild types.



Thoraxx - lvl 48 Deception Assassin (main)

Drexin - lvl 25 AP Powertech (preferably a mando guild)

Haxxon - lvl 22 Immortal Jugg

Axinh - lvl 19 Operative



Caranx - lvl 32 Seer Sage

Wu'Chi - lvl 23 Sentinel

Jhack - lvl 21 Gunslinger

Chronix - lvl 19 Commando (preferably a trooper/military guild)


Thanks for reading :)

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I have a grey side force user guild if you're interested. We're fairly new and small atm and membership is pretty much do as you will for now but I am aiming to build the guild into a PVE/RP guild that follow the philosophy of the Jedai'i (balance between light and dark side) that being said we welcome members of all light/dark rankings, have a temp guild Hq ( my main characters stronghold) and would enjoy the company, especially if you're willing to help members lvl and or contribute to guild RP. Contact Indikus Stonerian if you're interested in joining the CannabisSith. I'm from the US and my play time is usually later in the night for me so the wee hours of pre-dawn for those in UK but send me a in game mail and add me to friends list if you want as I sometimes am able to play around peak time for the server on some occasions.
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