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IMO Collections mechanics could use a sticky/FAQ


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I logged in and previously purchased items were not working in collections. As a MMO player, I did the usual "fail dev, ... slap in the face ..." QQ soliloquy in my head. :-) Then I realized that maybe instead of a background check they did it at log in.


So I logged on another character who had the item and was able to start successfully shoveling CC to BW when back on the first character.


Then it turns out that logging on wasn't enough. Items in my bank do not show up even if I open the bank tab; I need to move them from bank to inventory to get it into the collections E.g. the soon-to-be-deleted CE flare gun has not been in my inventory since 2011.


Not exactly rocket science but I suggest some proactive info could save some frustration and tickets.

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