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This Really Sucks, But Why Is the Forums More Fun Then The Game These Days?


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This'll be then only whine thread, I promise. I figure I'm not the only one who feels this way. I just hate this feeling, you know, when you start to realize you don't "miss" that extra hour you played before 2.0 nightly.


Keep in mind, I'm a 100% pvper...and everyone knows the bolster fiasco that is here to stay. It's not that my class is poor, it's not. I do fine. But the ranked system sucks and is very exclusionary by its very nature, no cross server queueing to allow lesser skilled teams to meet up. No voluntary practice ranked sessions to , you know, get better.


I've seen a few of my better 'friends/acquaintances" leave post 2.0 due to this.


I dunno, I just started to realize this today I guess. Not an "I'm going to unsub" thread, just disappointing though, at least time for a playing time reduction or whatever.


Sucks, because I don't actually want to be sick of the PvP product Bioware's putting out there. Really.

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