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eradicators mask?


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The mask is actually awfull. It has nothing to do with what you can see in the trailer. Another great job from EAware.


Hate to say it but he's right, it has the same structure more or less, but the texturing is nothing like the trailer and the size is bloated.

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I wish I was. I mean I doubt anyone expected it to look just like its CG counterpart but yeah...it's almost completely different from the original concept outside of its shape lol.


for those looking for a comparison



I don't know though, did anyone *really* expect it to look like this:



Edit: Ah, I see what's happening now, there were indeed multiple masks shown in the trailers. At least on in Deceived definitely has those red parts.

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I know that the dev team has already said that there would be no voice modulation with the mask, but I think this needs to be looked at again. Those of us who buy masks, helmets, or other full face coverings are expecting a certain look and sound when we purchase the item. Republic side, these items for Jedi are hard to come by because Jedi tend to wear crowns or open face helmets. Now that we have a Cartel Market item to buy, I was hoping that I could get that sound on my Jedi finally.


I am a little disappointed. The fix could be a pretty easy one as well since you could just copy and paste that voice code from any other helmet to the mask.


Other than the sound, I am very happy with the look of the mask with my hooded knight. Would the dev team at least consider making the voice mod change? It would be very much appreciated.

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Guys... It's almost identical. The filigree is different and the base colors are a slightly different. This is what it looks like with a small recolor next to the cg image.




The same mask used in the CG would look terrible on a non-hooded character as well. This mask was meant to be used with a hood. I just wish the Phanton helmet worked with a hood. That would've been SICK.

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what in the...


Don't tell me that they gave it the wrong colour just so people would buy more dyes and try to match it from the trailers


color? The color looks fine. Why copy from the trailers be creative

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