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Hello everyone, Just wanted to make a quick post and let everyone know Severed Ties is recruiting. We are looking for any level players. You can have an active subscription or free 2 play. We do not look at your gear or what level you are because we are looking for fun active players. An active player will one day be 55 and will get gear needed to enter and complete end game content. We run both PvE and PvP content within SWTOR. Different groups being put together daily. Some of our members just craft and play the market on the GTN. There is no requirements for how often or how long you play. Just enjoy your time while your online and be respectful to the other members. We also do not set times for raids or other guild event at this time. We may in the future but as of right now we just look for groups within the guild and run on the fly. Now that we have cartel coins, we have started a lotto for our members and weekly give aways to help members along the way with leveling and gearing at end game.


A little history to Severed Ties. The guild was formed in WOTLK by some online friends, With all of us awaiting swtor we moved over to this game and was off and running quickly. We started on The Fatman server and was moved to POT-5 durning server mergers. Once on POT-5 we made a move to The Republic. Fast forward 5 months many of us wanted to return to Imp. So here we are rebuild and replacing member that remain on Republic.


If you have any question I or one of our members will be glad to answer them. IF no questions look us up in game for a ginvite. Looking forward to meeting some new like minded friends. You can look up Forsakentwo, Forsakentoo, Amber'ice, Adalynn, or Nicholey . One of these player will get ya an invite and you can start enjoying no pressure fun MMO gaming the way it should be.



:rak_03: ForsakenTwo :rak_03:

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