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Looking for some leveling buddies


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Just resubbed today, have not played since 1.3. Things seem familiar and different. I'm playing through an Imperial Agent now, as I'd finished the Bounty Hunter and Inquisitor story lines last year.


I was originally on Saber of Exar Kun, and did a lot of PvP the first few months. So if anyone from before the server merge, hello from Guy Ledouche, healbot BH that never seemed to die due to the RNG of PvP loot bags. The numbers game played lucky and I had the full PvP set very early on, and there wasn't the only 50 bracket. It was all gear, trust me I'm not that good. So hello if you remember me.


Anyway, if anyone would like to level up an alt on either side, I have level 10-20's. Or if you have a social guild I could join, I like to add some conversation to the MMO. General chat seems much worse than I recall.


Guy Ledouche.

(Geelord Ledouche is my Agent if I'm on.)

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