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I don't know how to RP


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Greetings. I just rolled a character on an RP server and would like to get started with some RP. Problem is I don't know how and the guild I am in doesn't RP much. I would like to start it up for us. Do you all know where I could go do some research or get some tips on my first RP?


thanks in advance,


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It's pretty much a matter of common sense, really. Just act as your character would act. But here are a few things that might help.


Avoid Godmodding: Taking full control of a battle, such that your character automatically hits opponents, always dodges, has some kind of supernatural charisma that nobody can resist whatsoever, that sort of thing. Anything that can be considered "cheating". Remember, a compelling story is generally not about a person's strengths, but their weaknesses.


Avoid Metagaming: This is basically making your character automatically know all the things you know. You may know that guy in the corner is a Jedi, but is he's dressed like a civilian, your character probably wouldn't know. This is considered another form of "cheating". Now certainly, some things can be assumed. "Hello there, Bob!" ((Oops, let's assume we've met before.))


((Out-of-Character)): ((These double-parenthesis indicate out-of-character messages. They have no bearing on the RP.))


Class Stories: We may all play through the stories the same, but it's unreasonable for every Jedi Consular in the game to have a master named Yuon Par who they alone must rescue. You might make references to quests as generic tasks you've been on, but don't claim major class story events as yours alone. Instead, make up your own backstory!


RP Walk: This is kind of a general sign that you're in RP mode. If you happen upon a stranger out in the world and you want to RP with them, consider RP walking to get their attention. Just a handy trick.



Easiest place to find RP is in your fleet's cantina. I'd suggest also finding a guild, as zones in this game are large and spread-out, so it can be hard to find world RP. Getting with a good guild solves this problem.

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