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New game idea, MMORPG + MMORTS.


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New game idea, MMORPG + MMORTS.



Humans - religious and conservative.

Necromaners (humans) - dark magic and liberal.

Orcs - brutal and warlike.

Elves - nature and harmonious.

Dwarfs - technological and drunk.

Trolls? - voodoo and enslavers.


MMORPG element would include a hero with the normal talent trees, gearing and spells. Some examples of heroes:


Healer=Priest (White heals)

Tank=Paladin (white abilities)

DPS=Demon or Witch Hunter? (white abilites)


Healer=Reanimator (black heals)

Tank=Death Knight (black abilities)

DPS=Shadow Priest or Warlock? (black abilities)


Healer=Shaman (brown heals)

Tank=Warrior (brown abilities)

DPS=Berserker (brown abilities)


Healer=Druid (green Heals)

Tank=Staffwielder (green abilities)

DPS=Shadow Stalker (green abilites)


Healer=Runemaster (orange abilites)

Tank=Steamtech (orange abilites)

DPS=Sharpshooter (orange abilites)


Healer=Witch Doctor (yellow heals)

Tank=Brawler (yellow ablilites)

DPS=Poisoner (yellow abilites)


MMORTS element would include building your own city, gathering resources and creating an army. Some examples of cities:

Humans: white and castle/stone.

Necromancers: black and gothic/stone.

Orcs: brown and crude/wooden.

Elves: green and tree/forest.

Dwarfs: orange and mountain/earthen.

Trolls: yellow and swamp/jungle.


An economic system like Stronghold 3 would be a good basis. You have to gather wood, metal, stone and food for your city and it doesn't just pile up,

you have so much that is used up to just maintain your current city size. There would also be differences in resources for each faction such as

Necromancers needing either little food or none but needing lots of shadow crystals instead. Little details like being able to see your workers collect

the resources, stockpile them and then having them picked up and used would also be a nice thing to have. Faction difference also plays into workers.

Humans can have peasents that work hard during the day but need sleep. Necromaners have undead that work slower but all day and night with no moral. Etc.

I would also like to see very deep choices for each faction. Such as a Necromancer choosing between using corpses for workers and troops or stygians

(based off of Myth 2's stygian knight) for workers and troops. Corpse undead would be numerous but slow or weak. Stygian undead would be few but strong

and better. For workers, you would get like four corpse workers for one stygian. I would also like to see something like Heroes of Might and Magic 6 where

you can choose how you want to upgrade your troops except not just two choices but 6 to 10. This would make each faction very customizable but still

balanced. Combat would be similuar to Warcraft 3 and Myth, heroes and troops out on the battlefield together like Warcraft but no production or building

on the battlefeild like Myth. This would also transfer to group missions and raids, since each hero picks a role they can group up and tackle high end

content with others and their armies. Pvp can be done by people of the same level, though I would like to see all pvp kept in lore. Such as if there is a

pvp map it is your workers going in and gathering resources or taking or holding a structure, no gimmick capture the flag or anything.


City level and hero level would be separate. Heroes would level with experience through missions and killing mobs. Cities would level with progression

though a storyline like Star Wars: The Old Republic's class story missions and resources. Each decision made in city missions would carry on with

a character and can be see when they walk through their town, such as helping a complaining citizen or just killing them. There would be a main city for

each faction that can give missions simular the planet mission in Star Wars: The Old Republic. All factions can join in a guild, there would be no

divide between them.


A day/night cycle and a changing weather system along with seasons would playout well. A day being about one hour realtime and changing the seasons

based on the days it has been. Weather for each season would be random: such as sunny, cloudy or rainy for summer.


To me there are a lot of games out there that have something really good but no one has yet to put them all together.

Star Wars: The Old Republic=Storytelling, fully voiced over missions, conversation choices, MMORPG.

World of Warcraft=Lore, strong factions, phasing, MMORPG.

Dawn of Fantasy=City based MMORTS.

Saga=City based MMORTS.

Myth=Great units and good mission maps.

Heroes of Might and Magic 6=Good factions, diverse play, heroes and armies together.

Disciples 3=Heroes and armies together.

Stronghold 3=Weather and economics.

Warcraft 3=Heroes and armies together and some base building.

Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm=Unit customizations and upgrades.


If you put the best pieces of all of them together you get a game you can build a city, command an army and grow a strong hero legacy with.

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Jack of all trades usually end up doing nothing right and failing in most things.


I'd rather see MMOGs specialize more. I do not need a single game to appeal to every gamer out there. I would rather see a game, which is perfectly suited to my desires and have dozens of other games cater to the desires of other people, who got total different styles of entertainment they enjoy than I do.

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A good idea that would add icing on the cake of this concept comes from Bungie's Destiny: a fully phased MMO. Each character would have their own phase.

All quest missions can have a visual completion. Such as cleaning out the kobolds in a gold mine in Elwynn Forest in WoW. Miners from Stormwind could

come down and start mining, sending ore back for smelting and finally being deposited in the bank. When you are done questing in Elwynn Forest there

would be no mobs left; it would be a safe area that you fully helped. It could also show that you didn't just do a quest but what choices you make along

the way. The solo play can be added on by having dungeon and raid areas with npcs outside that you can group up with that fill each roll. This would

allow people to complete these areas on their own time while still requiring you to fill your role with skill to complete the dungeon or raid. No more

feeling bad if you have to cancel before or during a raid. Or the headache of having to find a guild with offtime raid hours. Not even a raid finder

can help you if no one is queued. Storytelling would get a nice boost as low level areas that are cleared out can be used later for high level story

progression. Social people wouldn't be left out as anyone can form a group and all group members would be brought to the groupleaders phase. Allowing

for people to do solo, group or raid missions. And if a group member has to leave or can't make the raid, the spot can be filled with a npc instead of

having to cancel or pug a new member.Only one server would be needed as there would be no conflict between rp, pve and pvp players. Crafting would still be just as useful as everyone would have access to a marketplace.


And to answer a posters question, I couldn't find a general Bioware forum to post this on so I put it here.

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