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Impossible PVP


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Every time I play WZ, I get angry and I decide to leave the game.

I lose more than 80 %, it is frustrating.


Excessive stuns and excesive burst, die in a few seconds. I am healer and I can't heal, I am stunned all the time.

In other pvp games (mmorpg) I can fight for a half minute least, and sometimes more.


And It is impossible to win if you queue solo. Should not mix people "queue group" with people "queue solo"..


I need about 12k Warzone Comendation for all equipment, gaining an average of 50 comendations by WZ, I must do over 200 to equip myself, having lost about 150 or more. Not willing to do so.


These are my complaints and that make me hate this game that I like in pve. It is a cry because my desire is to stay here.


You have in pvp the same defects than Wow, and I left it because of it.

Are you losing a customer because of this pvp.


Sorry for my bad english grammar.

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I agree with you 100% on the group thing. As far PvP being unbalanced, that's something they're still working on fixing.


Just a heads up... people are going flame the hell out of you for this topic. Whenever PvPers see a thread titles "PvP is too hard", they usually ignore what you say and flame the hell out of you even if you make good points. I've never made a topic like this, but I've seen it happen.

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