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A Hunter's History


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Since I re-rolled my smuggler (Got bored of gunslinger), I decided to do a new fanfic, one that mentions the past, but does not have it as a focus:




Zhaltra, a skilled bounty hunter, is given a contract that leads her all over Hutt space, culminating in a confrontation with a woman she thought she would never see again.


Note this is set not long before the Prologues, so their childhood is the only thing referenced.

End Synopsis

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Chapter One


Zhaltra was spending hours in the old warehouse on Nar Shadaa looking for a holorecording left by her old friend. She was getting real frustrated.


'Why did I take this contract' Zhaltra, a Zabrak Bounty Hunter, thought to herself.


'Because you are still in love with Niahmi, and want to make up with her' The other part of her brain said.


Zhaltra picked up a contract on her old friend a few days ago. The Mirialan has been causing trouble for the Empire all over Hutt space. If it was not for the fact that Zhaltra and Niahmi had a history together, Zhaltra would not have touched the contract, with the reward being so little. Maximus, a Cyborg hunter, joined her for adventure.


"You find what you are looking for yet?" The man-machine asked.


"I don't understand, Niahmi loves playing games with me so..." Zhaltra said realizing that she forgot one place.


She looked under the bed and, sure enough, there was a holorecording. She turned it on.


Zhaltra, if You are seeing this, then I know what is going on. I have a bounty on me placed by the empire for harassing their forces in Hutt space, I left a trail For you to follow, not many people will know me. Follow the coordinates and clues on the here and I will be sure to be found.


Zhaltra took careful look at the coordinates and the clue in the recording after, and went off to find her old friend.


End of Chapter One

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Chapter Two


Zhaltra was on the transport with her business partner, Maximus, in their quarters. Zhaltra had recently gathered the second clue but was not willing to listen to it in public. Maximus saw her looking at it and got worried.


"You look like you do not want to listen to that," Maximus said.


"I do not," Zhaltra told him, "The fact that Niahmi is doing this makes me love her even more, and we broke up."


"I may not be the galaxy's foremost expert on romance," The man said, "But I know that if someone leaves a trail for you to follow, they may just love you."


"I know," Zhaltra said.


She turned on the holorecording.


Zhaltra, it seems you found the second clue, which is good for you. Our love is stronger than the breakup can destroy. The most it did was bring us closer. I traveled to this planet on a delivery for a hutt, who payed well. The planet was strange but made me feel welcome. Of all the people on this planet, a little girl knew who I was, and did not hate me. She asked me to tell her a bit about being a smuggler and the adventures we have. I told her what I knew and asked her to hide the badge you found. The next planet however, you will need to make a few shady deals to find the clue.


"Okay so a badge and an old broken down gun," Zhaltra said, "I have no clue what she is trying to say."


"Guess we gotta go to the next planet on the list," Maximus said.


End of Chapter Two

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Chapter Three


Zhaltra has been led to a jungle planet on the edges of Hutt Space. The shady deals were with smugglers and outcasts on the planet to find a vibro knife. It was weird as Niahmi was never one for killing people, always making deals. There was a message waiting for her there as well.


Zhaltra, my love, it seems you have been following the clues I left for you. the dagger is one piece to the whole puzzle. There is a single piece left, a clue that will lead you to space itself. This is the test of the true love we had, and still have to this day. Hope to see you soon.


Zhaltra was still very confused. she knew her former lover had a thing for playing games and making her put puzzles together, but this was getting ridiculous. A knife, a gun, and a badge. What in the world is Niahmi's game.


"Maximus," She told her ally, "Looks like we are going to hunt for a derelict ship or space station."


"Good, was waiting to get away from land for awhile," the foolish Cyborg told her.


Zhaltra rolled her eyes at him and left. He followed, knowing that this contract was getting good.


End of Chapter Three

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