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Open World PVE/PVP Event


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How about an event called the "Battle of Belsavis" or Voss, or Hoth. The objective is for players to go into the opposite faction's base. This will flag them for PVP. While in the base their daily PVE objective is to kill 10, or whatever, of the level 50 NPC guards. Then as a PVP mission, a person has to kill 5, or whatever, players/player compaions on the planet, preferably ones within their own base area.


This way people who want to open world PVP could, but those who don't can just not flag themselves for PVP and just not participate. If this were to happen I'd propose lowering the repair bill from PVP damage and auto unflag people from PVP when they die so they aren't griefed at respawn points and are allowed a moment to catch their breath and regroup.

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