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True about PvP balance in 2.0


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I have many classes. But like play my operative and scoundrel. i like their style, animation. But after the path 2.0 these classes have died as dmg in consealment build on 55 lvl. No need paresers logs for this fact. You nerfed these classes in each patch. In patch 2.0:

1.+ roll? 21/24 energy? Hm.

2. +6% alacrity?

Why you like shadow, guardian as classes so more? (Autocrits, reflect and many over abilities)

With low crit on 55 lvl. can you make autocrit for Hiden strike, or backstab?

Did you saw duels (good pvp players) shadow vs scoundrel? Scoundrel vs guardian? :confused:

p.s. I started playing 12/2011. I have guardian 100 valor rank, shadow, sage, scoundrel, operative, marauder.

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