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Will 'Collections' work with Cartel Market Crystals also?


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I haven't read a specific yes or no anywhere from the devs, in fact Crystals haven't even been mentioned in Collections at all, but my initial impression would be no. My reasoning on this is that Color Crystals increase stats. Some of them a pretty significant stat increase. Cartel Market armor is different because most of it comes with the Mod slots empty so you still have to put in credits/effort to make it useful. If you could just share all of your Cartel Market Color Crystals with all your alts for a one time Cartel Coin fee (per Crystal type), you'd be able to give all your level 10+ alts a +41 stat boost and some may consider that play-to-win which Bioware has been careful to avoid. Still I could be completely wrong. And would actually be quite happy if I was. But I have a pretty good feeling I'm not. Edited by nshotsman
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