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Anyway to transfer bound cartel items?


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Hi all

Probably a stupid question but,

Picked up a few cartel packs, and due to limited room on my toons I created a new one to hold all the items.

For the most part it was fine, but I have discovered that there are some bound "reputation trophies"

This kinda sucks as they are now on a character I'm not planning on ever playing.


I assume there's not a fix for this, and I'll just chalk it up as a learning experience (it's not that big a deal)

just wondering if there's something I can do to transfer the stuff to a toon I'm playing.

(and I suppose I have a mild complaint of why aren't they bound to legacy)

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The reputation trophies award reputation points. Reputation points are bound to your legacy, meaning it spreads across all your characters on that server.

You can also trade bound mods through legacy armour/weapons etc. Though the shells cannot be traded.

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