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2.0 PvP so far...and what is next


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I like it. I played WoW for 3 years, SWTOR since pre and a few others. Balance is always messed up, and there are always bugs and issues, but I think it is well above average right now. Naked Bolster was stupid, but they fixed it reasonably quick...we'll see if they get the aug exploit next.


My main is Merc, and I stuck with it through the dark months, but it was not fun. Since 2.0, things are much better. Seta does good DPS, decent backup heals, and is far more survivable. I've been able to solo defend nodes, and ElectroNet provides some unique utility. I still think Sniper is easier/better for DPS and has a lot more utility at basically the same role, but ymmv. As Merc, I have not solved Jugg, I have a lot of trouble with Maras (but ElectroNet can be the difference), I don't expect to handle Assassin's ever, but the other classes come down to skill and gear imho. PowerTech is definitely weaker, though the tank spec looks good, at least in lowbie.


It is interesting that only a week or so ago people were saying TTK was way down, but folks have adjusted. BW buffed heals and more people are playing it. I played a voidstar last night where we had 5 healers and did not die, but couldn't get through the door. I was just on the other side of one of these where an Ascension heavy team with 4 healers lost to our team with only 1 healer...couldn't get past the first door. I know some folks think this is sketchy, but I've been re-spec'ing my sorc between heals and dps depending on whether we're defending or attacking voidstar.


So what is next? Is heal domination going to be the new normal? Assuming BW does not make a balance change, is there another natural adjustment? I'm thinking lots of snipers and assassins might be a counter, but I don't expect to see this regularly.

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