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Night Stalkers is looking for more active late night players for our ops group(s).


A little about ourselves -


We originated as a pug group, being the first pug group to clear TFB HM on the Harbinger server prior to 2.0. We have lost players due to RL schedule changes and whatnot but we have preserved and continued through it all. At this point we are looking to build a guild around our group and continue to progress PVE wise.


Post 2.0 we are 5/5 TFB HM and 6/7 S&V HM (in a matter of 2 weeks - we just recently stepped into HM).


Our raid times are 10:30 - 11pm server time depending on RL crcumstances holding us up.


We strive to complete and progress and we are looking for more players that are not only looking for a community that is on later but want to compete in the endgame operations. We are very patient with players new to the operations and expect any player that joins us to be as well.


What we are looking for -


Competent players who are willing to learn, take advice as well as constructive criticism that might be offered to help better an individual in whatever role they may be playing. Players who can be depended on to show up on time(understandably RL issues can come into effect to delay or prevent attendance but all we ask is notice asap). We are in search of players that are intent on progression. Also have vent and mox parser.


Our goal -


We are attempting to build a solid 16 man progressive raid group starting with 16 man HM S&V. Tuesday, Wednesday and possibly Thursday nights. This plan is meant to take effect within 2 to 3 weeks.


We are seeking people who can get along and possibly run 2 groups of 8 man when not running 16 man ops.



We do like to joke around and have fun while raiding but we do take clearing content seriously. We are not elitist but we do expect players to know their role and their class or be willing to learn quickly. We are attempting to build a home for late night players who seek a community such as ours. If you are interested in joining this guild or have any questions you can in-game email me (Phoen'ix).

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