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Quality of life: Cut-Screens


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Sorry if this has been mentioned before...


One big quality of life improvement I would love to see would be cut-screens, akin to those at the start of RotHC, implemented retrospectively throughout the game.


It would e cool if these took two forms. First, have a cut-screen for every plannet when coming out of hyperspace and either landing or docking in an orbital station. Second, cut-screens for space battles that you fly through/ happen in background. There are plenty of bits of the story where you are told there is a battle going on, the republic are holding the empire of while you complete and objective ect, not being aware of this outside of a few lines of dialogue is imersion breaking for me. It would feel much more like star wars if when I invaded an enemy space station or bordered a ship, I could see this happening.


Things like this make the world feel larger, more immersive, more alive and more star wars like. Not to mention that it would just make the game flow better, make triumphant endings more satisfying etc. I was always silently disappointed by these not being in the game, but playing RotHC makes there absence in the rest of the game more noticeable.


Cut-screens like these were a big part of what made Kotor feel like such an epic tale, up there with the films in terms of cinematic story telling. This stories in this game are epic, but without this extra layer of polish they feel hollow. So please Bioware, if your listening, give this game the cut-screens it deserves, and not exclusively in future content.

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