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New Job openings at the Dread Guard - AC division

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We're looking for talented warriors and not so talented riflemen to guard an experimental cannon in which NO WAY is going to be breached by strike teams of both Imperial and republican nature.


Job Consists in hanging around or managing computer consoles which affect the structure in no way whatsoever.


From potential medical staff and lightsaber staff it is expected to be put into cryo-stasis chambers, just so you can't do nothing at all in case the structure should be breached, and said intruders start slaughtering your team while you impotently are stuck in there.


From the team leader, it is expected, when outnumbered 4 to 1 , to taunt the enemies telling them to try their best, you know, just to make sure you're going to die in a 4 man nuke blaze :)


For anybody interested you can send your CV at


The Dread Guard - AC Division

Crag Outpost, Section X



We've got job openings literally all the time, don't miss out on this great opportunity!

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