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55 Merc + Mara + Op Looking For Daytime Guild


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Hey folks! Any guilds hereabouts that maintain US west coast daytime hours for their operations/HM crews? Ideally, I'd like to find a group consisting primarily of adult/older gamers like myself (I'm 34), but it's hardly a set-in-stone necessity.


I've got plenty of endgame PvE experience in a number of games (Warcraft, LotRO, GW/GW2 to name a few), but until recently, haven't had a ton of time to devote to Star Wars. That said, I'm probably not qualified to fill a spot in a terribly competitive bleeding-edge progression crew; I'm a fast learner, just not terribly familiar with the SWtOR operations yet. I'm generally available between 7:00 AM and 6:00 PM Pacific time, Wednesday through Sunday, though being self-employed, I'm able to shuffle stuff around as necessary and would be willing to make time for the right crew.


I currently sport a 156-rating (66) geared Marauder and Mercenary (kitted for healing, mostly, though I've got the mods, armorings, barrels, and enhancements handy for an Arsenal setup), and an Operative halfway geared in (69)s. I generally prefer healing, but am perfectly capable of filling DPS spots with any of these toons.


If you've read all of that, kudos, and thanks for your time! If you think we might be a good fit, feel free to reply to this thread! I'll be keeping an eye on it as I peruse all of the various guild opportunities.

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Hello mate! We are the Imperial legion guild and we starting all over again, we are trying to add some numbers of lvl55 players into the guild... if ur interested in joining with us pst DrHofmann/Ardrkanins, Tharak, Morbias, Vukodlak, Filivan via ingame chat, if ur already join another guild just disregard this msg!
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