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WTB TT-17A Hydra Set


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I have the full set but no spares sorry. I got this set when our server was booming and it still took me ages to collect.


If you dont get it by the time transfers come up you will have no problems getting it on the Harbinger or the Bastion. Our population is just too woeful to make this set easy to get.


Good luck


<3 Chippy


ps. I hope the dyes coming out dont ruin the uniqueness of this armor.

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Yeah I checked the bastion GTN and I found them selling for 10k or less :/ but I will be happy to pay more if it means I actually get the set :D

About the armour dyes I was worried about that but tbh they'd probably cost like 500CC per dye which would mean not too many people would buy them.

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