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HYPERCRATES: What is the difference in the Enforcer, Commandant, Space Pirate..Ect.


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Class makes no difference at all.


Hypercrates are simply a way to buy a whole bunch of Gamble Boxes, sorry, Cartel Packs so you can take your chance to get something from them you may want. Check dulfy.net to find out the contents of the crates to figure out which one you might be interested in wasting you money on.


And good luck! :D You'll need it.



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The difference is the different gear you probably wont get on the way to wasting your money.


I happen to agree these days....

Unless you happen to love "rare" jawagrams, which happen to show up plenty in the last 2 packs offered... They usually sell for a whopping 500 creds on GTN.

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