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Help with hybrid spec


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i have a lvl 55 sniper and played hybrid spec for 3 months

my spec is 5/18/23

i have 1 arkanian piece(chest) and the rest is black-maerket

with rptottype nano stim i have

2886 cunning

bonus dmg 783

dmg 1415-1555 ranged


crit chance:29,11%

crit multi:72,18

626 power



on tech i got




crit multi:72


I use mox for dps parse and i only get 2100 DPS on ops dummy.

My question : how can i beat 2400+ dps ? What stats should i change?


rotatio is : OS-SS--CG-CD-IP--Ep-TA--Cull--SoS-ambush-Cull

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Are you sure you are always getting your Cull in before your 2 poison dots run out? I think having CG - CD FOLLOWED by IP and EP is a bit risky. In a raid with lots of things going on your poisons may run out before your 2nd Cull is done chanelling.


Also you need to have 109-110% tech accuracy. 105% is very low :( Get rid of some surge gear and swap in some. Even if you have to use 63 enhancements from 1.7 :jawa_wink:

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