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Order-66 is recuriting <Rep>


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Order 66 is looking for new members!



We're a small easy going social, leveling and End Game raiding guild mostly made up of mature experienced MMO players and some beginners.


We have ops and social events planned for most of the week which people can sign up for on our website.


We have cleared all available NiM content (EV, KP, EC) and SM content of TfB and S&V

We're currently looking to improve our roster to tackle the last few bosses of TfB HM and our push into S&V HM


We're currently looking for any class and spec to help improve and build the guild.


Order 66 helps and provides for its members.


Go to http://order-sixtysix.co.uk/recruitment now and send us your application!


Or whisper "TheMadVanguard" in game

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