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Stack Tracer or not stack Tracer - I am confused


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Question for the devs (apologies if this is a dead horse question):


In 2.0 one of the changes you made was to the debuff applied by tracer missile. Mercs now get the full effect with one shot. My understanding is that this is one of the "buffs" to the class because it freed up having to sit there and stack the debuff.


So, if that is true, why do I still have to stand and stack to get the benefit of the improved rail shot skill? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of allowing the full debuff to armor in one shot?

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Hey there,


Tracer missile also applies tracer lock which increases the dmg of railshot by 6% per stack for a total of 30% after a full 5 stacks.


The change in 2.0 only made it so we didn't have to rely upon stacking both heat signature and tracer locks. Now we get the full armor reduction effect from 1 tracer missile which allows us to use heatseeker missile right off the bat.


So your basic rotation should look like this, but is strictly speaking, situational.


Tracerx1--heatseeker--(unload on barrage proc only)--explosive dart, tracerx2- railshot, heatseeker=repeat.

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