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advice on stat distribution for Sorcerer?


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I am not at all new to this game. I am however fairly new to this healing business.


bear with me as it is only just a few days ago that I decided to respec to a healing build for a while.


you see, for this play through I have a desire to be a minimum of 5 levels above the suggested level for my class missions and I figured it would be more fun to run warzones, Heroics and Flash points for the next several levels instead of redoing the planetary missions.



So far things have been rather encouraging! I have been given several compliments on the few FP's I have completed with a few groups so I know my selected rotation is at least decent...


Anyway, at level 33, my adaptable gear is currently equipped with all Force Wielder armoring and mods but my enhancements are a combination of power and crit based...


Obviously the first thing to be replaced are the rage enhancements. but what about my mods and armoring? is an emphasis on endurance a desirable stat for a healer?


and how much crit is too much? what level should I begin bothering with alacrity and where does surge come into this?


I would truly appreciate any advice so thank you for reading my rambling!

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you want willpower augments, for any piece of gear you are trying to maximize willpower+power+crit+surge+alacrity


willpower and power are about equal, crit seems to be worth abotu 75% or less than power. alacrity seems a bit better than surge since crit is so bad


for arkanian and underworld i would shoot for 100 crit rating, 200 to 300 surge, 300 to 400 alacrity, everything else into willpower and power. remember to use the good mods and enhancements with the lower main stat and endurance.

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