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Madness vs Lightning for leveling


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For leveling I used a hybrid build, first 16 points into Madness, for Wrath, and then going up Lightning until the +50% crit damage on LS, final 3 points going into crit.


Force Lightning instantly deals damage, and not just after a 1.5 sec cast. Usually in FPs, a standard target is dead by the time you finish casting a Lightning Strike.


With the procces from Wrath and Lightning Storm, you will be pretty bursty: start channeling Force Lightning, cast Lightning Strike immediately when Wrath procces, and hope for a Lightning Storm, for a free, instant Chain Lightning.


It's the most mobile sorc build, you can cast not just Affliction and Shock on the run, but Death Field, a procced Crushing Darkness, Lightning Strike, or a Chain Lightning.


The build is also ideal for raid trash clearing, but for bosses a 28 Madness build is still better.

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