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[Rep] <Tranquility> looking for casual, mature players


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Tranquility is a casual guild for mature players looking for a few more to join our ranks.


We are:

…a pre-release kinship with our own website (forum, raid/event planner, etc.) and voicecom (Mumble).

…a medium sized kinship with 15-20 active members.

…mostly high level players, who also have lots of higher and lower level alts.

…adults, with a life also outside of the game. We are a casual kin at heart, and there are no requirements to attendance or time spent.


You are:

…an adult player seeking companionship in SW:TOR

... casual

…any level, any class.


We offer:

…a friendly and helpful community, be it at lower or higher levels.

…companionship and guidance on your way through the levels to lv55, and regular instance runs at lv50-55. We are currently running the new 8-man ops at 55 in SM to gear up, will start on the hard modes once we have enough people geared up. Weekly runs of the 50 ops' to gear alts.

…guidance and advice from experienced players as you progress from lower levels - through our forum or in-game.

…crafters at top levels in all crafts


If this sounds interesting, have a look at our website at tranquility-guild.org or contact me or any of our officers in-game:

  • Wert'en (alts: Cy'rene, Bamboozle)
  • Evanagh (alt: Evaleigh)
  • Garvik (alts: Malchor, Jarka, Shadowmane, Nashiya)
  • Kandar (alts: Jollese, Inisha)
  • Ryokó (alts: Shizukamia, Yelena-zalanta)

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It is time to give this thread a gentle nudge to the top again. We are again looking for a few casual, mature players who would like to join us for ops runs. Since the original post we have cleared the Terror from Beyond and Scum and Villainy ops in hard mode, and made inroads into Dread Fortress (3/5 so far).


We run ops runs Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays from abt. 20:30 CET, and while we are hoping for a few active players, we have no requirements to attendance. Real life comes first.


Contacts are are above, except Kandar isn't active anymore...

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