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Scavenger Hunt - By Devil


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So I know for myself and probly others the game is getting a bit boring. There for I came up with some player created content that I made up. Maybe the other guilds could use this as a template and change a few things around. Just a good old fashioned Scavenger Hunt, not a new concept but modified for swtor. This is just for fun so don't get butt hurt and turn this into something bigger then it is. Unicorns will be trying it out for the first time tonight all drunk as hell. If it works well and isn't to much work to verify achievements then I might make a public version and have each team put a certain amount of credits in the "pot" and the wining team wins it all. Some of these achievements are specific to our guild so just imagine your guild doing this and just changing a name here or there.


Welcome to the First Annual Guild Scavenger Hunt created by Devil. Lets go over the rules!


1.Teams can not be more then 4 people.


2.Screen shots, video recording, or audio recording must be taken for each achievement. (for example "Kill Warlord Troy in Outlaws Den - 10pts" you could take a screen shot or a video recording. We need proof that you completed your mission. Another example "Record your team making ******* sounds in the melody of a song - 20pts" you would need an audio recording. You can easily do that using the record button in mumble.


3.First team to 200 points Wins!


4.All achievements must be verified and approved before wining.


5.All achievements can be completed by 1 person in your team unless the achievement specifically says otherwise. For example "Have your entire team complete "Ilum Beast Handler" achievement - 25pts".


6.If anyone is caught cheating in any way they will automatically be DQ'ed from the competition, along with your entire team.


(Any Questions or confusion over anything speak with Devil)


- Kill Warlord Troy in Outlaws Den - 10pts


- Get 4 people to dance naked for you -15pts


- Record someone outside of the guild on any voice communication device for example mumble, singing "I'm a little teapot" - 50pts


- Get Combatmedicjr to say "***** TO THE GLASS" in all caps - 75pts


- Record your team making ******* sounds in the melody of a song - 20pts


- Get Anna'ka to whisper one of your team members "Devil's is girthier" - 30pts


- Get 1 of your team members on top of a light pole in the PVP section of the fleet - 10pts


- Have 10 people or more naked sit down in a circle on the fleet (team members allowed) - 20pts


- Coordinate a Vehicle train of 10 people or more and do a full circle around the fleet (team members allowed) - 20pts


- Get 5 people to put on the "Astounded Mood" face on - 15pts


- Kill all the world bosses on Tatooine, Hoth, Alderaan, and Quesh - 40pts


- Get 1 stranger thats lvl 10 into the box on the Coruscant spaceport - 30 pts


- Have 5 or more people say they will "report" you in trade chat - 25pts


- Join Hail Skroob and then say in guild chat in all caps "911 WAS AN INSIDE JOB AND JESUS IS REALLY A GAY MUSLIM" and then /gquit right away - 60pts


- Start a dance party of 10 or more people in the Cantina of the fleet (team members allowed) -20pts


- One person must ride the flying whale mount in Alderaan - 10pts


- Sit down next to a dead Krayt Dragon - 10pts


- Dance next to 3 Jawas in Tatooine - 15pts


- Record someone in the guild that is not in your team to say in a sexy voice "Oh Daddy please stick it in one more time" - 30pts


- Get Warlord Troy to say "I beat pvp" - 10pts


- Have 1 person outside of the guild compete in this scavenger hunt from start to finish - 40pts


- Start a whisper war with any girl (that everyone knows is a girl) outside of the guild about anything and get her to call you and "******e" - 25pts


- Beat Devil in a best of 5 Duel Series ( all consumables allowed and every duel must start at 30 meter range) - 35pts


- Get Dargos to call you a "***" - 20pts


- Have 1 person from LD50 admit they cheat in pvp - 100pts


- Beat 3 people from Hail Skroob in a duel - 30pts


- Find 5 people outside of the guild with the "Bell Hat" from KP on - 25 pts


- Get 3 Snipers lined up in cover - 15pts


- Find 10 "Monkey Lizard" pets on the fleet - 20pts


- Get 5 people to use their "Party Jawa" at the same time on fleet that are not in the guild - 20pts


- Have your entire team complete "Ilum Beast Handler" achievement - 25pts


- Have your entire team complete "Wounding the Sand People" achievement - 25pts


- Have your entire team complete "Tatooine: Pillaging the Republic" achievement - 35pts


- Join LD50 and say in guild chat in all caps "Can someone help me setup a lag switch?" - 60pts


- Get someone outside of the guild to whisper to you "Bad boys get spankings" - 20pts


- Get Anna'ka to flirt with you in whispers - 15pts


- Defeat an entire team competing in the scavenger hunt in Outlaw's Den -35pts


- Make your own guild and call it "JC Girls are Easy" - 20pts


- Score 1 goal in Huttball - 15pts


- Have your entire team play 1 Warzone Match and obtain 0 Dmg, 0 Healing, 0 Protection, and still get 5 medals at the end of the match - 30pts


- Get someone outside of the guild to trade you 100k credits - 10pts


- Record Hooty singing any Spice Girl song - 50pts


The wining team will receive their own guild rank name of their choosing and will be able to keep it until the next Guild Scavenger Hunt. Also bragging rights over the entire guild and that's the most important part.

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