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Change Light/Dark System & Relics!


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To start, relics are broken and unfair. Allowing players who are more committed to light or dark to have better stats advantages then those who choose to balance light and dark, or intentionally remain neutral is ridiculous. The entire purpose and system of relics is silly and needs to change. Allow class-based relics that are not based on light/dark to fill the void. Then,


Suggestion 1: Create a simple perks system that gives players certain inherent bonuses for being light, dark or neutral and combine this with level requirements. Therefore, a level 55 who is considered Neutral (+/- 500 light/dark) gains equal, but different bonuses then one who is Light V or Dark V at level 55. This would prevent players from gaining powerful perks early on in their adventures before they reach certain thresholds in light and dark. In addition, you have legacy unlocks for Light, Dark & Neutral.


Suggestion 2: Or combine this with the talent tree system. Frankly, the talent trees are too cookie-cut from MMOs like WoW and need a unique touch. Working in the above mentioned perks system into the talent trees will allow players to customize their characters abilities and bonuses from talents, based on their level and light/dark/neutral status. It will also give the SWTOR talent system a special flair.


On a side note, either do something with light/dark for companions or remove the bar from the companion screen! It looks out of place and sloppy.

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Yeah, my SI is Grey (I just had to when I heard the names :p). It kinda sucks not being able to use items like Relics and dozens of lightsabers because I lean one way or not at all on the magical morality scale. I'm a huge Star Wars fan, I love light and dark, but it's kind of ridiculous when you get loot you can't use because you're not the right alignment.


While this suggestion doesn't fix all the problems, it certainly makes bounds and leaps in the Relics department. So yes....



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