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[Item Request] Cartel Armour Upgrades


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I don't know if its just me but i find that some of the random green armours that drop look cool and wish to use them as part of my appearance, tho after a few levels its not possible as the stats are too low,


SO, here is my idea:


Through Crafting or Cartel Market a Armour upgrade tool that changes simple Green items into Orange moddable


Further to this, i would also Pay Cartel Market for a tool to make items into Legacy (not items that was previously Un assembled, which everyone would understand why)


Anyone else out there that would also like to see this happen?

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They made a new feature in 2.1 called collections.



For an example Ill use the new trooper armor in the cartel market.



You buy a set, and put it on your Sith Warrior lvl 7. You and think. "Dayum I need to buy like 8 more of theses for my Trooper character/companions." You go into the collections section, and pay an additional cartel coin fee to unlock it.



With the unlock, you now own that item forever. even if you delete it. With this "Infinity Unlock" you now have unlimited copies (bound of course) to your account, you can log in on your trooper from a different server, select the item. and click redeem, and its added to your inventory like buying an item.



The drawbacks however, is that not :EVERYTHING: is cataloged atm. Event items, Cartel items, and eventually [All] Pets and Mounts will be connected through this feature.




now then, for the option for turning greens into moddables, that would be quite a bit of coding, we just barely got Achivements and a ready check which was requested a year ago. Lets stick to whats available and what to request to see in the CC market shall we?

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