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Min/Max Partisan for Deception.


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Does anyone have a profile link or at least a general goal for min/max deception? The best I could find is this profile, which has some obvious problems with it.


Unlettered Power mods in all slots.

Adept or Initiative enhancements, to reach your preferred level of Accuracy (95% minimum).

Set bonus of your preference (I prefer 4 piece Stalker PVP).

Power augments.


Crit is basically garbage in 2.0. On top of that, the standard opener for either full-tree Deception or Wakajinn hybrid is gaining significant mileage from Recklessness, which reduces the need for crit even more.


Just load up on Power and go to town.

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Why is there no need for accuracy as a melee class?


There is, but most people still only have a 5% Defense chance in PVP. You pick up 2-3% of that from Charge Mastery in most builds. Most targets of opportunity aren't that evasive, so a small chance to miss on a small subset of targets is a worthy trade-off for better burst on everyone.


I try to stay above 95% basic accuracy at minimum, but I don't lose a lot of sleep going higher than that, because the only targets where that's even needed are tanks and Consulars/Inquisitors. Tanks aren't worth gearing specifically to kill, as it makes you weaker on everyone else. Cons/Inqs are squishy, and there are enough hard-hitting attacks that missing one can be offset by how hard everything else hits.


Edit: AMR isn't fully 2.0 updated, so if you look at that profile, you'll see that it's not counting the 3% Accuracy from Charge Mastery. It's only counting the 1% Legacy companion buff and the Accuracy rating on gear.

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