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I shall check out your content good sir! I've been looking for people to watch on YT for TOR. A year ago there was tons of content since the game was hyped and fresh, now not so much, and some of my favorite YouTubers have quit the game, so there's always room for more!


Have only started watching the featured one on your channel so far, and your presentation looks good :)


Only thing I could possibly suggest is invest in a good mic if you want to commentate much of your play - I enjoy watching gameplay, particularly leveling series and full warzones on my second monitor while I play, and good sound can mean the difference between watching one or two, or everything on a channel. Many YouTubers I watch went with microphones from a company called "Blue" starting out.


Your resolution seems somewhat oddball as well, I'm seeing some of your videos with a black box around them. This tends to come from not recording at the same resolution you're playing the game at, and is an easy fix.


Your "complete walkthrough" series is looking fairly enticing, I hope you stick with it!

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