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Hello all I'm looking for some advice I'm coming back after a long hiatus (the last time I played was just after the F2P launch and just around the announcement of Rise of the Hutt Cartel Xpac) I play Imperial on The Shadowlands server with a few friends and am considering possibly rerolling almost all my toons. I'm curious as to which Class will level somewhat easy and without too much death (not looking for an IWIN button just less then dying every two or so minuets would be great). I have currently played the highest as an immortal spec Juggernaut but am looking for a more...flashy / ranged char I'm thinking either IA/SI/BH any advice on the three classes mentioned before will be appreciated and as soon as the advice is read I will dissect all answers, Thanks in advance and "may the force be with you" :)
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