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AMD Radeon HD 6500


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Im running a Windows 7 64 bit

Processor is I7-2600 @3.4GHz

Ram is 12 gigs of DDR 5

and of course the Video Card/



the problem at first was small glitching, I run it in window mode and that fixed the first issue, now the game has performance issues with the shaders up, so I turned those down. Now my pc wants to start dropping connection when heavy graphics are needed. ill drop to the Tens of thousands for latency, but as soon as I focus my camera at the floor or sky I get my connection back.


Im starting to wonder if there is a power issue with the graphics card and the wireless card.


I have updated the drivers to the latest and I have gone into the Control center for the card and played with the 3d settings along with the clocking of the card, but I shouldn't have to do any of this. my Computer is more than enough to run this game. I don't see why i'm having issues.

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