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levelling without relics


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i'm levelling a sorcerer healer, i've reached lvl 43 already and valor 35. i have a legacy level of 35 with only healers and tanks.

i still have to put relics on my char.

i've checked the alignment vendor and the GTN..but due to my greed and the lack of alignment i've decided to wait and buy relics when i reach the real deal with lvl 50 ones. where are the worthy relics?

do i miss something?

i've never had problems, single player, pvp or flashpoints or even world bosses. i manage to heal really good also players really over my level. i've been inspected for sure and nobody complained (joined and run fp with guild)

i decided to go mainly with willpower and power. i have a CM endurance crystal and constantly BiS mods hilts and enhancements with other chars crafting( and their credits :D), legacy gear etc. those 20-40k are put in a better use buying some augments i think...

opinions? someone did the same/had same feelings about relics?

(looking at the new relics, compared to EWH i have on a couple of toons they seem not so good too for me..)

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only thing I feel a leveling relic is good for is to pad your HP with a little extra endurance. I have yet to click a leveling relic, which is funny since I hit my clicky relic all the time on my sawbones when doing operations or fps.


sounds like you already have a few toons to 55, so you presence is fairly high, don't get over 7 to 9 levels below gear and you will be fine with or without gear. I've been replacing gear every 8 levels on my Sage and she is doing heroic 2+ solo. Stuff starts taking too long to kill, I switch out gear and feel like I am in godmode again.

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