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[E] <Archives of Nihilus> Large Social + Casual PvE


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Good day!


<Archives of Nihilus> is always recruiting. Head on over to our website at Archives of Nihilus' Website and leave a message for an invitation, or contact any of the people listed below.


<AoN> is a large social guild. We offer a home for anyone who wishes to play SWtoR with us. Currently we boast a little over 400 members, of which there are usually 20-40 online. We offer options for you in PvE and there are also a decent amount of people engaging in weekly Roleplay.




Currently, we are doing weekly 8 man lvl 55 operations. With the growth of the guild, we will be trying 16 man operations starting next week (16 May). If you are interested in 1-2 times per week casual operations within a larger social guild, we are the perfect place for you. We are in need of especially DPS, for a change 8-)

TfB: 5/5 sm; 0/5 hm

SaV: 6/7 sm; 0/7 hm


--Other Events

Our guild also tries to host as many events outside operations too. For example, the guild has organized a big social event for its 1st year anniversary, and it was a big success. Also, these and coming months up through the summer, the guild is going to make a little guild video which will provide lots of opportunities to come together as a guild.

In the coming weeks, our PvE officer is also going to organize some more events for weekly Flashpoints.



As you may see, our guild is little involved with PvP. This is mainly because we are lacking an officer to organize PvP events. However there is still interest, and quite often still, people team up for some warzone fun.


--Our Guild

Our guild operates with a simple ranking system. Everyone who joins is given the rank 'Initiate' and by signing up to our website, you get the rank 'Member'. Everyone can also volunteer to become 'Overseer' to help the guild with recruitment where needed and earn a little easy cash (more info on website). Our officers all represent a Sphere of Influence (as it is called in the Star Wars Lore) which basically means we have an officer who deals with PvE, one deals with recruitment, one with crafting etc. Currently we have empty seats, so there is room for anyone to grow within the guild.


Besides our ranks, we also have a guild bank where guild members drop their treasure for others to benefit from. We strongly recommend members to both withdraw and deposit a lot.




If we are the guild for you, hesitate not to leave a message behind on our website or contact any of the leaders/officers below.


We wish you a pleasant stay,


guild master Valorum,

co-leaders Lyrana and Andeddu,

officers Lordsithis, Helmethell and Souzai

and all the members of <AoN>.

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