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Devs: GSI missions


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After doing the macrobinocular series to the final Heroic +4, I realized my binoculars were gone and can not do my GSI missions now even though I still have several.


Is there not a warning somewhere that tells you to not complete the macro mission until you have had your fill of GSI missions? At least I have not lost the seeker droid yet which allows me to do some of the other missions.


Would be nice if I had know beforehand not to go too far into the macro missions or it would hamper my ability to work with GSI.


Is there any hope for a future patch to introduce purchasable macrobinoculars or at least issued for the GSI missions?

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I am at the same stage of the quest (requiring just the final Heroic4) but still have access to my goggles.

they can be found in the quest item inventory.

I have 3 lots of goggles in there for some reaosn, so they do appear to be quite buggy

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