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So they fix bolster yet, or augment bug or lag in warzones?


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Would be so hard to change augments to only be put on at a mod station (seeing that you have to use a mod station to put the mk slot in), until the programmers from ITT Tech that work on star wars could actually work on a permanent solution (not that they know anything about that).


Have fun with the next cartel pack....


and freezing up in warzones with a spectacular 16 people on the screen, while overclocked past 5ghz on a ivy bridge.


Totally worth it to sub though. You can get some stunning looking mounts and armor, that are totally worth working towards, and give you a sense of accomplishment (LOL).


Keep waiting for world pvp that is never going to happen due to a broken game engine that was used in clutch games like Faxion Online. Oh yeah...that game engine is FREE. Money well spent EA!


Keep waiting for "lag fixes" that will never happen because it took them until an expansion to even fix a memory leak.


Keep waiting for the game to skyrocket in popularity when the game engine is bad . Good luck getting "the masses" to ever play this pile of junk, when other game engines are so well optimized that they could damn near run on a smartphone.


Keep waiting for fixes to teleport hacks, speedhacks, bot's, when they can't even get their game engine to work, let alone create one (instead they went with a free game engine and just modified it). Good luck with that ever happening. Using google is super hard.


Keep waiting for this game to be an "esport" when no one worth a damn who has done competitive pvp in any mmo, thinks this game is anywhere remotely balanced, or even good.


Good luck with ability delay ever being fixed.The game engine is broken. Deal with it. Unless they use a completely different game engine? Always going to be there.


Good luck with developers so clueless that they thought, " We had expected our playerbase to play through the game and get to the endgame, on average, in about three to four months, maybe five months".




You know what though? Maybe they knew this game was garbage. Maybe they knew they had a memory leak (since we reported it in beta). Maybe they knew the game engine was garbage, and ability delay would just be a part of this game. Maybe they knew and just didn't care. So they did the smart thing. They came up with the CE store idea, and figured that even with a horrible game, you could make a ton of money off of dumb Star Wars fans with a cartel market.


Let me sum up this forum.


"Hey guys I am good at SWTOR pvp"


E sport crowd - "who cares, the game is a joke".


Casual MMO crowd - "game runs like @%$@".


Enjoy wasting money and time!

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You now Biowareftw, you use to be a voice of reason though sometimes I didn't agree with everything you said. However, not that you've "unsubbed" and quit according to the last thread you started before this one, You've gone to being a zealot full of hate and spewing vitriol. All you've done is burned up any and all credibility by posting crap like this. You already know that the 'elitist' here don't give a damn. It appears you're trying to turn yourself into a martyr by getting permabaned by posting material that can be interrupted as trying to stir up the masses and start a flame war.


You could have made your point with Account cancelled and why and left without saying another word. Doing so would have had the greatest impact. However, you didn't. You had to continue posting after stating:


Anyways this is my last post on this forum.


...in the original post you made in Account cancelled and why . Some of us get that you're pissed off. However, adding to the countless posts of "BW sucks, this game sucks, ect..ect..ect.., you're compounding the problem by feeding fuel to the fire.


BioWare and EA will not bow to the demands of those here on the message boards because those here do not represent the SWToR player base as a whole. Those here are only a very small cross section of the player base. If you truly wanted to make an impact on the PTB, you would address them directly by using a well-coordinated communications via email and other avenues available to you and those who would participate in this type of venture.


However, we are back to credibility now, most of which you destroyed in two threads you created. Do you think the Developers and anyone else is going to give you a moment's notice now that you've called them out in a callous and vicious manner like that moron who posted the F. U. BioWare thread this weekend? No, they will not. They will consider the source and move on to do what they feel is best for the game and the majority of the players that are happy with what is going on. Oh, they will fix Bolster, PvP, and other problems plaguing the game; but in a time period that they can do so within the boundaries they find themselves in. They know the state of the game; they will correct the issues and improve game play both in PvE and PvP. However, they will do so in a manner that doesn't break the game further.


Sadly though, your voice is now drowned out and merges with the others who decry this game, the developers, and any one remotely associated with the game and company. That is a pity because you were a voice of reason, now, now you are just like the rest who believe they have all the rights and privileges because they sub the game to say and do anything here on the forums and in the game.

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Nope bolster is still gay. I get 200 damage inside a warzone as full partisans, wth is that?!


200 damage as in 200? not 200 K? lol... sounds like a serious case of L2P my friend, I have done over 900 K on my sorc several times and usually average around 500 K plus in partisan gear.

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They just don't care!


You don’t truly believe that do you? If that were true would BW even bothered with fixing Naked Bolster? Would they have done anything to close the performance gap on all the ACs? Would they have even bothered with trying to balance the ACs as they have now? No, had they not cared about PvP, they simply would have let PvP continue on as it was, ignoring everyone’s complaints, and let those who PvP exclusively wither and go away.


They do care as evident of their changes made to each class. I myself did not agree with what they did to the Sage/Sorcerer defenses and certain abilities; however, I’ve accepted it, adapted, and have fun with the new changes. They care because they put forth the effort to correct the issues as soon as they became aware of certain exploits. The augment exploit is not something they can easily fix because of the cause and effects issues that cropped up because of them. I’m not a programmer; however, I worked close with programmers as an ISP Operations Manager, and I can tell you that trouble shooting code and making fixes isn’t something easily accomplished. Reverting back to 1.7 is not the answer nor is it a remote possibility because all they’ve accomplished with 2.0 will be erased and we’ll be right back where we started from.


Now for you and the dedicated PvPers might like that; however, that puts the rest of the players in an untenable situation where they cannot enjoy PvP because they will not have the gear. That is not an option as stated by Eric in the Bolster thread. They do care or they would not be working to fix the current problem(s) and I bet they are making sure there are no other exploitable problems too. If you want to blame someone, blame those who are using these exploits currently plaguing PvP. It wasn’t BW that found these (to our frustration), it was a bunch of people without moral compasses who found them and using them for their own advantage. It is easy to blame BW for this issue, the true blame should be laid at the feet of those who willingly use these exploits.


If you’re in a WZ and you notice a player or two or three who are with super stats wearing lvl 10 green augments or gear, call them out for it. Report them after the WZ. During the WZ let them have their fun. I know if my healer were in a WZ with someone like that, I’d not waste my healing on them or put a shield on them with my tank. If they are facing you, you have the choice to play in the WZ or quit. It’s up to you. However, do not allow them to dictate how you have fun. Cheaters and Exploiters are nothing more than children who do not have the ability to achieve any goals in life. They believe they are entitled to whatever they want and will do whatever they can to get it, hence the reason they use cheats and exploits.


BW cares about the problems we have right now and I bet they are working diligently to remedy them to improve the game and our gaming experience. Just have patience and give them the time no matter how long it takes, to fix these issues.

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