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kotor prequel?


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EA is taking suggestions on their site, and I see a lot of people ask for a KOTOR sequel and such (on here as well), but considering what happened at the end of the second one, then the book on Revan, then TOR, is that really possible?


But what about a prequel? Would anyone else be interested in that? I know there's a lot of backstory in the first KOTOR game, but I for one would love to see how it all started, or maybe explore Revan or Meetra's upbringing a bit better.

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I'm probably like the only 1% person here that's gonna suggest this but...


I'd really like a game about Malgus and his past. Maybe tell a story about how he came to view the Empire the way he does in SWTOR.


He also mentions on one or two occasions (I believe his wiki also states this) that he visited multiple planets and cultures. Again, this could give us more perspective as to why he believes that aliens have a place in the Empire.


I understand this would probably be a boring game, stoy-wise, for most people. Since i'm pretty sure the more mainstream audience know Malgus as "The guy from the Deceived trailer!"


Hence why i've already accepted the fact that this game will never happen.

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