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Game Improvement Suggestions


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There was some issues I had problem and I thought could be easily done and bring more enjoyment by having these done. I will try to organize them together that goes with each other.


Companions: it would be nice to their stats when u their stat window up. I thought it was a pain to swap gear and hope i gotten something that better, or blew money on gear that wasn't better for their class. Companions raising with full life would be nice. I personally just dismiss and summon again just to cut down on healing time.


Vendors,Items Storage: I notice that the same items didn't stack together, even using the "Compact" tab. I think a "Type" tab should be added for the fact that it would help in finding items. I would like to see that tab and "Class" tab with the vendors. That would help in seeing what u actually equip on yourself or companion. Maybe a tab for your companion stat might have to added to see their stats when buying. The only summon probably be easier than all of them. Recipes in vendors should either be removed or mark as "Known" to stop from buying the same one over and over, or using recipes up when we have them. I guess that more of recipes than vendors.

I notice that it hard to see if u have the rep for buying the items from Basic Commendation Vendors, so either highlighting or darkening would be benefit for seeing them.


Windows: I'm mixed feelings about this, I notice that the windows stack a lot when your opening them. I'm closing most of them just to see the screen. I do like the fact that if your trying to teleport, then bringing up the map is nice. The closing of the windows would be nice like when u summon a companion.


I notice that changes going on with the way you can use the skills. I think that the window should stay open if u click on the skill trade itself, so if u want to send multiple companions out, but close it if u click the skill under their name. Speaking of that, it would be nice to save the page your on instead of closing it out. Example: I need to send my companions to get Level 6 items, so i have to click the skill, switch it over to that level, send them out, and repeat with the rest.


Recipe List:I'm indecisive about this. I would like to see the stacking of recipes go from green, blue and purple, stacking atop of each other. i don't know if u could do it with the level, but i notice that some get stack where a purple is below lower levels items, and I'm assuming that if u hit the difficulty tab, then the purple would be at the top of list since they are harder to make.


I think adding these would improve the overall play of the game. I would like to add this though, which some might disagree with, is that there are MMO that been out for awhile that u could incorporate into this game that would help it. I think how companies started using an engine once a game came out using it. I want to say it was Unreal Tournament engine, but can't remember lol. The point is that if something that is used and can improve on game functionality, then it might be worth using it. i don't meant to copy or anything like that, but most of this i thought would be helpful was from playing previous games. I would like to see the jump ability work on though, I don't know if its the ping or lag issues, but notice that u have to jump a lot especially collecting datacrons, and haven't figure out the length of holding space bar for length of the jump to make it either a short or long jump. I have spent a lot of money on repairs due to falling, or time trying to get a jump that just falls short. I won't even go into how much money on repairs from the Arcanum board lol.


That is my rant, hoping for a suggest tab in the game, so i don't have to write so much at one time.

Here's hoping to see these in the game.

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