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Suggestion: New Game Mechanic- Master/Padawan System


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So I just had a pretty crazy, random and I think (and a few people as well in my guild XD) awesome idea for a new game mechanic. The mechanic I'm suggesting is a Master/Padawan system where High level players maybe around level 30ish could take another low level player let's say level 20 and less as a padawan. The Master or high level player would teach the new player how to get around in the game, this idea comes from the fact that you see alot of player without their advanced classes at level 16. The incentive for this mechaninc would be bonuses. What kind of bonuses?


- Master/Padawan Armor sets

- Master/Padawan Weapons

- Master/Padawan Combo moves

- Master/ Padawan PvP ( 2 v 2 tag team battles)


-Exp bonus

( And more if I come up with something else)


How would each feature work?

-In regards to the armor sets it would be simple, create armor sets only available to a player if he has a Padawan or Master. This would have special bonuses and an unique look.

- In regards to weapons, same features as the armor sets

- Master/Padawan combo moves. I think it would pretty awesome if they had unique combo moves only available when you are grouping with your Master/Padawan. Like for example you the Master stab an enemy from the front, impaling him in your lightsaber while your Padawan either runs around the back or flips over the enemy( whichever is easier to animate) and cuts the enemy sideways dealing a ton of damage. I could think up a few combo moves but that would be an example.

-Master/ Padawan PVP would be epic on so many levels. You could make a simple arena where a Jedi Master and Padawan battle a Sith Lord and Apprentice where only skill and teamwork with your padawan will determine the victor which is the base of a Master/Padawan relationship. This could include PvP armor sets and weapons exclusive only to the Master/Padawan system.

- Exp boost would be logical since you are leveling with a MAster/Padawan it would be good incentive to give them a little exp if they are using the Master/Padawan system.

-Commendations, you could give them commendations to buy a Master/Padawan PvE armor and weapon set or a PvP one.


And finally! the last(for now) Master/Padawan feature which is really important:


Once the Master gets the Padawan to level 50/55 (depending on if they have the expansion or not) they would have the option to promote their Padawan to the rank of Master( this could involve going to Tython and being acknowledged, which would be awesome) and they would both get an achievement called, maybe, "Journey's End" where their Master/Padawan relationship came to an end now the student is a Master and he can pick his own Padawan. This could involve them getting a special armor set or weapon or whatever you can think of Bioware as incentive for them completing this system. Although I think getting one item would be good because we all know Jedi's pick numerous padawans during their careers sometimes and it would be a good incentive to do it once again.


Well there you have it, it's a complex game mechanic/system and I will probably never see it in game although I think it would be awesome. But I just wanted to put it out there to see what people think and also if they have any suggestions, and hopefully Bioware will see this, think it's as epic as I think it is, and hopefully not find it too hard to program and incorporate into the game and someday we can see it in game :)


Final note: Other classes would be a matter of changing the system titles like Trooper/Recruit, Smuggler/Criminal etc etc.

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