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Funny thing

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I just wanted to share this for a few laughs


I was doing TFB SM with a few friends yesterday, since it was only four of us we pugged the tanks and 1 healer. We had great heals since we got ourselves in problems a couple times but we didn't wipe it. We got to the DG and we begin like normal, then one of the tanks dc'd and came back like 30 seconds later, but then the same tank dc's again and never comes back. so now we got ciphas and kelsara on the same tank, we kill ciphas but by now the tank had like 15 stacks on him, since we couldn't take agro from the tank he just started running away from kelsara and dps where chasing them. In the end he got to about 25 stacks and finally died, then Kelsara pick agro on me (I was doing the most dps) but since I'm dps I start seeing my hp go down like a rock, hopefully I put up saberward and guarded by the force in time and we where able to finish the boss. Probably the most fun I had in some time.:D

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