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Two simple yet profound fixes that would improve non-ranked warzones


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PVP'ing in SWTOR has often meant queuing as a solo player and yet playing against what are termed as half-premades in nearly every warzone. Or even worse encountering dual half premades. It goes without saying that a premade team has a host of advantages and they are really at the 'next stage' of competition. They have healers, tanks, ranged and melee dps while the opposing PUG group is a random mixed bag that either has too few healers or too many ranged dps.


Here are Two Simple Yet Profound Fixes that would encourage these Half Premades to move to the Ranked Warzones where they more appropriately deserve to be (getting firebrand gear).


1. Allow teams of 4 in Ranked Warzones, this would create a whole new kind of dynamic where premade guilds would often have to work together to defeat a similar dual premade or a full 8 man premade.


2. Have a max cap on comms for premades in non-ranked warzones. Meaning that if they completed their daily and weekly no more commendations can be farmed from pugstomping. They would instead only be able to get comms (ranked) from ranked warzones.


Consider these tweaks to encourage the largest player base of PVP ( the solo Pugs) to be able to have the advantages that the SWTOR PVP clients had in it's first month. An atmosphere where solo players formed relationships which lead to pvp guilds and later rated competition.

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I support your ideas, but I'm pretty sure most hardcore PVPers will disagree.


Here's why:

1. The point of premades is to destroy pugs. Yes, there's also the fact that it's more fun if you're playing with friends, but let's be honest: if they could get faster and easier comms by solo queuing they would do that in an instant. People seem to think it's a great accomplishment to beat people with various skill level, who have no real way of co-ordinating to be on par with the premade groups. By taking away their easy comms, you're making it less enjoyable for them to PVP, because half the joy in what they're doing is in destroying people who are no real match for them.


2. They will tell you things like "go form your own premade", "join a pvp guild", "L2P" etc. but they will be the first ones QQing when people eventually either join a PVP guild and form their own premade (in which case they will call them OP and start asking for nerfs) or most likely, quit the game (in which case their queue times will be longer and they will say the game's dead without even realizing the irony in that)


Simply put, your suggestions are good but I'm fairly sure people would QQ about the fact that Bioware is making it harder for them to get the gear they need. 4-man groups for premades is a good idea which will most likely not be as well received as you hope, because it requires more effort and has a higher risk of (God forbid!) losing a game, than fighting against a bunch of pugs.

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