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Simple Action-Oriented gameplay option with outline..


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I would like to see options added for more action-oriented gameplay, to break up the tedium of the same old Everquest design.

In this thread I will outline a few very simple time and cost-efficient steps that can accomplish this.


1. Allow abilities to be used without a target, playing their animation. Perhaps no resource cost when done this way.


2. Add a hotkey to switch between character-locked camera motion and chase-camera motion. For Chase, envision Force Unleashed's camera, and perhaps Warframe's controls for guns. Free-roam controls.


3. Add a hotkey to switch between normal cursor movement, and camera-locked mouse movement; "shooter mode". Shooter Mode would include an aiming reticule, and perhaps an over-the shoulder positioning option. (IE: Turn point-and-click into standard shooter controls. This already exists in the game, just as a different feature.)


4. In Shooter Mode, make all abilities automatically target whatever enemy is closest in front of the camera. (This exists too, Alt+C I think.)


5. Allow mouse buttons to be hotkeyed while in shooter mode.


6. Running animations could use work...



That's about it. Just these few steps, and SWTOR's gameplay can have a much more action-oriented gameplay option that would attract those who prefer action games, or who are perhaps bored with the typical EQ style gameplay.

Nothing changed for those who don't want it. No major gameplay changes apart from allowing a little more freedom to use a character's animations. And the only difficult part is adding that extra check to abilities to determine what to do when not targeting an enemy. And that's not terribly hard at all.


So folks, what do you think?

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