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Need Spec halp plz >.<


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Hey, I am new to SWTOR and am Running a Sith Maur. I have heard many different story's on which spec and stats I should be focusing on to level, also that time honored phrase *It depends on your play style* :mad: I was wondering if there are any experts that can explane some of the finer notes like Crit vs power or which tree to go into ad my average rotation. Currently I am level 25, pretty early, so I would like to get this down now.
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im a lvl 55 mara and i mainly pvp so spec suited is rage. for mods go with power and surge PS crazy dmg.

my rotation starts as Force charge>> force crush>> smash


for more dmg i do add bloodthirst


i got more rotations.

but thats my story

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The marauder specs have been explained and re-explained so many times that it's quicker to just search first than start a new thread. But with that out of the way, I'm in a cheerful mood, so I'll answer some of your questions. Before I start however you need to understand one very important thing: Marauders rely a lot on the last skill of a tree to shine as the dps monsters than we are (which you can get the earliest at 45), which means leveling up as a marauder will be a bit hard, compared to some other classes.


Annihilation: is the dot build. It will also be your leveling build. The whole build relies on keeping your dots on your target, and at end game stacking juyo and annihilate( 4 stacks of annihilate makes it come off cooldown faster, and it's your highest dmg skill in this build). It's the best dps build, but because it takes a while to stack your buffs, it's recommended against mobs with a high HP. Long story short, you use it in operations. The reason this will be your leveling build is fairly simple >>> it keeps you alive!


Carnage: is the burst build. It's a somewhat complicated build that requires a lot of proc-ing, and because of the nature of certain skils that may or may not proc at the right time, it's difficult to establish a certain rotation. It's very reliant on gore, massacre (which is the last skil) and the procs on execute and slaughter (you can check what each do by yourself). The build itself is fun, and can provide insane burst damage making it fun in Flashpoints, and PvP.


Rage: Now this is the build you will use after you hit 45. It's the godlike aoe built that will make trash packs die faster than it takes the Road Runner to "beep beep". It's also referred to as the "Smash Monkey" build, and if you still don't understand what it is about, it's smash. To be more exact, it's about using certain skills and getting certain passives, that make Smash auto-crit and double it's damage. It's unbelievably effective against trash packs, which will be 75% of the mobs you kill, and it's also very easy to get used to. Pre 2.0, it was a good leveling build because force choke also added the stacks of shockwave you need for double damage, besides berserk and force crush (which is the last skill of the tree). Post 2.0, you only build the shockwave stacks with berserk and force crush, which you only unlock at lv 45. I'm not saying it's not doable, but it's not as easy as it was before. This is also the build that people cry on the forums about, because with the current bolster, it's just owns in PvP, and it's so easy to learn (compared to the other 2) that even a monkey could use it.


As for your other questions. Crit vs Power, get your crit to 23~24% then only add power. As for rotations, I have no clue at your level.



TL;DR: Use annihilation for leveling to 45, rage from 45 to 55. Get power. Learn to use the search function of the forum.



Disclaimer: I am totally drunk atm so if I made any mistakes, I don't care.

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